Red Cloud offers a wide array of attractions – from the great outdoors to significant historical and cultural assets including the 40+ sites associated with author Willa Cather. Check out some of the highlights below or contact Heritage Tourism Development Director Jarrod McCartney or Willa Cather Foundation Education Director Tracy Tucker at 402-746-2653 for more information. For information about some of the counties underdeveloped and presently inaccessible sites, visit the Heritage Tourism page or call Teresa Young at the Webster County Historical Museum at 402-746-2444. 

In partnership with the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Willa Cather Foundation offers guided educational tours of Willa Cather's childhood home and other historic buildings related to her life and...Read more

This building, constructed in 1888 and known as the Garber Bank, was erected by Silas Garber, former Union Army Officer, the founder of Red Cloud (1871), and the fourth governor...Read more

Completed in 2017, the National Willa Cather Center is a sight to behold. In addition to being the headquarters of the Willa Cather Foundation, the building features a climate-controlled archive,...Read more

Built in 1885, the Red Cloud Opera House transports visitors back in time to set the mood, scene, and tone of the 1890s, when Willa Cather and her friends eagerly...Read more

The Starke Round Barn is a historic and engineering marvel. More than one hundred years old, the barn is massive in size but is held together without nails or pegs of any...Read more

Depots in general played a significant role in Willa Cather's writings. The original two-story section of the depot, constructed in 1897, is the building Cather was familiar with during her...Read more

This schoolhouse, known as North Star of Webster County School District 81 and referred to as "Little Tin Schoolhouse" was located near Cowles, Nebraska. It was built in 1887 and...Read more

The Childhood Home, the treasure of our restored buildings, contains many family artifacts including furniture, canned goods, prints and artwork, and family photographs and books. Grandma Boak's room is exactly...Read more

Grace Episcopal was the Cather Family's church beginning in 1922. Two of the beautiful custom painted glass windows, manufactured by the Emil Frei Company of St. Louis, were purchased by Willa...Read more

Auld Public Library was contructed in 1917-18 and serves as an excellent representation of Neo-Classical style architecture. The facility was the result of William T. Auld's generous donation to erect the first...Read more

Our community is proud to have the 3rd best 9-hole public golf course in Nebraska. Designed by the late PGA Tour Pro Harry Obitz in 1988, the course boasts elevated...Read more

The Willa Cather Memorial Prairie is a botanical treasure consisting of 612 acres of never-been-plowed native prairie. The Willa Cather Foundation is working to return this land to its 19th century...Read more

The Red Cloud Post Office is home to three mural panels commissioned as WPA projects. Archie Musick, who studied under Thomas Hart Benton and Boardman Robinson, is the artist who...Read more

The Republican River is an ideal location for viewing wildlife. Species include eagle, turkey, upland birds, deer, and bobcat. The chalk cliffs are a naturally occurring geological feature, exposed by the...Read more

Housed in a 1909 classic revival style brick mansion, the Webster County Historical Museum is a beautiful landmark and an outstanding resource for learning about the area's rich pioneering and...Read more

The Kaley House is the perfect accommodation during your visit to Historic Red Cloud and the Willa Cather sites – as well as a place to gather with friends or...Read more

Built in 1878, the Harling/Miner house is one of the finest historic homes in Red Cloud. Although a more simplified, vernacular interpretation of the Italianate style, the house is the...Read more

Download a QR code scanner onto your mobile device and explore Red Cloud's past with a local historian. Codes are located on lampposts throughout downtown Red Cloud. 

From the website:...Read more

Visitors to Red Cloud are invited to book a stay at the Cather Second Home. Guests may rent the room that was Cather's, or the rooms of her parents and...Read more