Expanding Perceptions

Expanding Perceptions

Red Cloud Opera House Art Gallery
August 9, 2022 to August 13, 2022

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." 

This quotation from Willa Cather's The Song of the Lark gives credence to the lived experience of artist Christopher Strickland and aptly describes the theme of his exhibition Expanding Perceptions. His works chronicle the various seasons of weathering and renewal that have marked his life, from leaving his familiar coastal roots in New England, to creating a home here on the central plains of Nebraska. 

His abstract watercolor expressions colorize the history and sensemaking of his heart, mind, body, and spirit. The subject matter is derived from the intersections of daily life, the natural environment, and inspirations from other art forms such as literature and music. As a result, his paintings are visual chronicles that document the effects of spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

About the Artist

Dr. Christopher M. Strickland is an artist, educator, creativity and educational consultant, as well as an autoethnographic and arts-based researcher.  He holds a BFA in Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of Southern Maine, an MEd in Arts Integration, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Lesley University. Dr. Strickland taught K-12 visual arts education for sixteen years, and he is now Assistant Professor at Hastings College, holding a dual appointment in the First-Year Seminar program and Department of Visual Arts.