Rascal Martinez Band

Rascal Martinez Band

730pm @The Red Cloud Opera House Auditorium
November 3, 2023

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With a voice rising “out of the Nebraska plain like cool summer swell,” Rascal Martinez blends rockabilly, folk, country and Latin sounds into covers, standards and heartfelt originals. Although still in his mid-twenties, the young Martinez’ unique roots music awakens memories of early rock artists with a sound that has been described as “resonant and fresh, yet familiar.” Martinez‘ deep, raspy country twang is mixed with strong lead guitar licks, a pounding bass guitar, strong drum beats and backup vocals. While he has become something of a national touring force, the singer has stayed close to his Nebraska roots. “Sutherland is a small town,” Martinez said. “It’s very simple living… The songs I write are very simple. They’re kind of a Midwest look at life and relationships.”

Programming at the National Willa Cather's Red Cloud Opera House is made possible with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

About Rascal Martinez

Channeling a mix of Indie-Rock and Americana. Rascal Martinez is a singer/songwriter from Nebraska who connects with a soulful audience. Since a young age, Rascal always connected with people through his music ability and stories. Now he is connecting with a wide variety of audiences who can see themselves in his songs. Spending time on the road has enriched Rascal’s connection with people. He sees himself heartfelt with America but has also found an audience throughout the world - Brazil, UK, Canada, and Romania.ADA Accessibility

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