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Red Cloud Community Fund welcomes Cheyenne Knehans and Jocelyn Shipman home for the summer

Red Cloud Community Fund welcomes Cheyenne Knehans and Jocelyn Shipman home for the summer

June 4, 2021

Red Cloud Community Fund welcomes Cheyenne Knehans and Jocelyn Shipman home for the summer

The Red Cloud Community Fund (RCCF) welcomes Cheyenne Knehans and Jocelyn Shipman home for the summer to help local volunteers further RCCF’s mission to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives by growing endowments in order to promote the community’s rich heritage, supporting its sustainability, and igniting community participation.

Knehans, a student at the California Institute of the Arts studying Applied Arts, began her duties with RCCF in May and will work alongside local leadership through August. During that time, Knehans will assist with heritage tourism development tasks, including creating new visualizations for new/developing projects and creating a visitors’ guide.

Shipman, a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney studying Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood Inclusive, began her duties with The Valley Child Development Center (TVCDC) in early May and will work alongside local leadership and TVCDC staff through early August.

Knehans’ and Shipmans’ positions are being partially funded by Nebraska Community Foundation’s Hometown Internship program. Launched in 2020, NCF’s Hometown Interns program is attracting ambitious young Nebraskans to return to their hometowns for the summer and further the work and mission of their local Nebraska Community Foundation affiliated fund. This program is helping young people feel more connected to their hometowns, hone job relevant skills, and network with adults and job creators in the area. Importantly, it’s allowing them to envision a bright future right in their own hometown. Since Knehans and Shipman hail from the Riverton and Guide Rock areas, it also illustrates that RCCF is interested in working with and improving the quality of life for all of southern Webster County.

On the heels of tremendous success with 13 exceptional 2020 Hometown Interns, NCF expanded the program to include up to 25 interns for summer 2021.

“My work last year as a Hometown Intern was eye-opening,” said Miranda Shreves, who will serve as one of two Hometown Intern Coordinators this summer. “I hope this year’s class gains the same perspective and more.”

The expansion builds on the results of the 2020 NCF Youth Survey, which revealed that most participants would prefer to live in a small community, and they’re motivated to make a positive impact on the places that raised them. The primary reason young Nebraskans don’t envision a future in their hometowns comes down to job opportunities—44% of respondents said the main reason they would not remain in their area is because of career opportunities elsewhere. NCF’s Hometown Internship program aims to capitalize on that by creating those opportunities right at home.

“By welcoming Cheyenne and Jocelyn back home, RCCF opens doors to a fresh look at community building,” said NCF President and CEO Jeff Yost. “The benefits go both ways. Our affiliated funds gain a new, youthful perspective to propel them into the future, and interns learn their hometowns offer so much more than previously assumed. By the end of the summer, we hope they will find Greater Nebraska is the perfect place to build a career, family and life.”

About Red Cloud Community Fund

RCCF has been working on making Red Cloud a vibrant place to live, work, and play since its inception in 1995. During that time RCCF has raised over $3.1 million, granted out over $2.3 million, and built $857K in endowed funds which will ensure critical programs like Heritage Tourism and TVCDC can continue and that RCCF can meet future needs of the community. Contact Jarrod McCartney at 402-746-4065 or for more information. The Red Cloud Community Fund is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation.

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