Red Cloud Community Foundation Fund

Red Cloud Community Foundation Fund

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Founded in 1995, RCCFF has spent over 20 years investing in our hometown. As an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, the RCCFF makes investments in community betterment projects from our prudently managed endowment funds. We help local organizations purchase equipment, boost the local tourism industry, fund historic preservation efforts, provide scholarships to high school and non-traditional students, improve infrastructure for youth recreation, care, and education and much more. During the last few years, RCCFF has been integral in establishing the Heritage Tourism Development Office and The Valley Child Development Center.

Our Mission   
To promote the community’s rich heritage, support its sustainability, encourage community participation and invest in projects that will make a positive impact in peoples’ lives, by  growing our growing our assets and endowment to fund strategic  opportunities.                                 
PO Box 263                    
Red Cloud, NE 68970                               or
FAC Members: Ashley Olson, Chair; Danny Benge, Vice Chair; Ashley Armstrong, Secretary; Dennis Hansen, Treasurer; Kim Ely, Stacie Heldt, Jarrod McCartney, Kory McCracken, Ryan Sherwood, Clint Shipman, Jill Swartzendruber, Adam Vetter, and Jay Yost

Contact Name
Ashley Olson
P.O. Box 263
Red Cloud, NE 68970

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